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ITBB Industry

ITBB. Conduit Systems for the
Process Industry
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ITBB Industry is specialized in the manufacture and installation of piping for the process industry, for organizations that produce and process liquids. ITBB assembles installations and builds piping systems to transport liquids throughout the entire production process, for the food processing, paper, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

ITBB. Think Along about an Optimal Preparation

ITBB has a broad experience in piping, allowing ITBB in an early stage to think along with you about the approach. Thereby, we create the most practical solution that matches your objective and your budget, with as an additional consequence an efficient assembly process.

ITBB. New or Existing Installations

The service package of ITBB is multi-faceted. Our staff members have a broad experience in the development of new piping and the modification and expansion of existing piping. It is hereby crucial that your production process is disturbed and taxed as little as possible. The experts of ITBB are aware of this and offer solutions to realize this jointly with you.

ITBB. Overall Solution

ITBB offers an overall solution. ITBB can realize the construction of the entire plant, from advice and engineering through manufacturing and installing piping, as well as ensuring maintenance and resolving malfunctions. ITBB can provide total management or assume a part of the project, if so desired.

ITBB. The Benefits of the Collective

ITBB operates from within various specialized disciplines. Electrical engineering, climate control, engineering firm, process plant design, and automatic control engineering. Construction processes are complex and multi-faceted. Managing the risks, quality, planning, and costs requires expertise and optimal cooperation. ITBB has the capacity to integrate the benefits of the synergies between these disciplines within projects and to translate them into clear and brief communication lines, optimal efficiency benefits, and accurate budget control. We deem this the added value of our organization as an integrated installer.

ITBB. Our Specialized Services

  • Process Piping
  • Equipment Setting
  • Process Industry
  • Rebuilds
  • Stop Management
  • Overhaul
  • Project-Oriented Administration and Maintenance